"Wagyu" refers to all Japanese cattle. "Wa" stands for Japanese (or Japanese-style) and "Gyu" stands for cattle. This the breed that produces exceptional Kobe beef.

The original import of these cattle to the U.S. in 1976 consisted of two Tottori Black Wagyu and two Kumamoto Red Wagyu bulls. Wagyu were derived from ancient Asian cattle which were crossed with British and European cattle in the late 1800s. 

Although the breed was closed to outside bloodlines in 1910, regional isolation has produced a number of different lines with varying conformations.

Calving Ease & Fertility

Wagyu bulls are great for calving ease in heifers. Bulls are very versatile and have a strong libido.

Carcass Quality

Wagyu beef has a higher ratio of mono-unsaturated fatty acid to saturated fatty acid. The meat is more tender and tasty. Implementing our premium genetics can improve marbling and improve the quality grade in cross-breeding.

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